Monday, February 05, 2007

Are u asking ur team to be toooo proactive- means u are becoming dumb

'I want you to more proactive and not wait for me to come'-- this is something that we keep hearing from managers and this is also something that we keep saying to our team members, if you are a manager by yourselves.
While this statement is completely correct and valid, i have observed many times that some managers say this more often than necessary. I recently happened to observe myself as how often i say this to my team and what are the situation that makes me say this. I thought this is the best way to understand a managers mindset i.e by being a manager by yourselves.
I found only two situation that made me say this to anyone. One was when my team member was pathetic at work and i felt that it's better that i do all his work by myselves rather than explaining him and getting things done from him. The other situation was when i felt lazy and had no mood to work:) Hehe. i might sound point blank in saying this. But it seems true that when a manager looses interest in the current work or doesn't have mood to work, he expects his team to be toooo abnormally proactive so that they do his work also and keeps repeating the same thing again and again to them. The reasons for this could be several ranging from job dissatisfaction or no new challenges or personal problems or whatever. But it defenetly means that there is some problem with the manager himself and he needs to be proactive rather.

So if you as a manager are doing this, then it's time that u take necessary action to correct yourselves(maybe change ur job or role. ;)).
And if ur a member who is being bullyed by ur manager by repeated verse of being proactive, then just give him sometime to become normal and u just carry on with ur work as usual ;)

Disclaimer: This is my general observation and has no reference to any individual living or dead:)

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Vijay said...

I agree with you partly on the reasons why manager says team members to be pro-active. On the other hand, its always not 'just' the work that happens in a company. I mean, I expect myself to take less time to carry out similar activity for the second time. Learning by experience - this could only be achieved by an individual. I observe many people who 'just work'. This is another reason managers or leaders (or in other words who exercise some authority at work place) say 'be more proactive'. Anyway, this is just an aspect of Indian management. Have a look at my observations on other aspects of 'Indian Management' in my blog.