Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Deligation at work ..for prestige or power or responsibility or empowerment?

As people grow up in career and get into a managerial or leadership postions, its pretty common to see them delegate there work to others. The delegators are given different names at different times; while most of the times they are called leaders ormanagers ...but many a times they are also called as lazy bones, incompetent or beurocratic bosses.

To be a balanced and successful leader or a manager, it becomes very important to know when to delegate and when not to.

In my opinion, delegation is to be done in following situations

  • Delegate when ur an expert and now its others turn to be.
  • Delegate when there is someone who needs to know that particular job better than u.
  • Delegate when you think someone else in the team can do it better than you.
  • Delegate when u want to empower people and create the next generation of leaders
  • Delegate when you want to focus on new role, and ur looking for ur replacement
Delegation should not be done for the below reasons

  • Dont delegate when its ur job, and u as well are learning to do it (Else you will become dumb in due course)
  • Dont delegate, because u think ur the boss (If u have competent people around u, flat culture works better than bossism)
  • Dont delegate, because u have to keep others happy (U as well need to be happy)
  • Dont delegate, because u think thats the right way to show the power (U may totally spoil the job my giving it in wrong hands).
  • Dont delegate because your boss thinks you should delegate (Use your own brains when its ur job)