Saturday, October 06, 2007

Go to the terrace to see the Moon...Oops i mean go to the Airport

Few days back there were few talks on one of the powerful Babas giving Vishwa rupa darshan to people at the Moon appearing near the airport .It was said that God/baba will be seen in the Moon, and people need to go to the airport to see the moon.
People as well ran to airport and waited there the whole night watching the moon. But it seems the clouds ditched them by covering the moon, and therefore covering the God as well.

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Now, i don't want to analyse if this is a myth or a belief or a fact or publicty stunt or whatever...
But i am forced to analyse why people had to run to Airport to see the Moon, when moon and Sun can be seen from anywhere from the earth:S:S

Ok let me find a reason for people to justify.
Apart from the clouds, I think it's the mistake of the contruction industry and real estate boom. Because these days Sun also struggles to get into my home because of the huge buildings on the eastern side of Home. So i think the Moon and the stars as well are facing the same problem nowadays.
In earlier days we used to go to Terrace to have a full view of Moon, and now we go to Airport. Well...whatever, life's getting crazy.

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Santosh said...

He He ! is the moon different at the airport? lol.. People are just mad.. Do you remember the incident in bombay where people made a mad rush to the sea as the water turned sweet, Ganpati's who started to drink milk ? and also a bulding in surat where fungi was lookin like Sai baba :-) The list is never ending..

I guess it is fun to have once in a while incidents like this, some fodder for the 8765 news channels we have and some revenue for the tea, chana and cigerrete vendors at such venues ... :-)

What say?