Friday, January 28, 2005

Ghosts in the Hindi Serials

These days Ghosts have become a part and parcel of every Hindi serial.
Even the serials that start as detective serials turn to be horror serials. Looks like our directors cannot complete the story without introducing a ghost (atma) in it.

If there is some problem in the serial which the hero or the heroine is not able to resolve, and the director also doesn't undersatnd how to proceed with the problem..simple... he just inroduces a friendly ghost in the serial and the it does some magic and solves it.

I think this is a cost effective way of doing things. All that they need is a normal looking lady, a white saree, and no hair style( left out hair) and a background music.

LOL. This is just on the lighter side.

But on the serious front, I think this is like proving that human beings always need some external power like ghosts to resolve there issues. It really degardes the human brain and mind power.

There is a Hindi Pizza Ad where the director says to a lady having a Pizza "You are my lady Devil"
Was just imagining, people being awarded as 'The Best Female Ghost of the Year'. Haha

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