Thursday, January 27, 2005

The National Anthem!

Recently one of the critics had asked the Govt to change the National Anthemn , so that some states which are currently not a part of India are removed rom the song and instead Kashmir be be included.

I we need to look into such minute things, especially when no one or no country has raised any objection. Today Kashmir would be included...and tomorrow some one will say Chennai...then Assam...then A.P..and goes on... Haha. Then our National Anthemn would be like a Indian geography Book. LOL

On one side when some are trying to improve on the Natonal Anthemn by looking into such minute details, on the otherside we have our politiicans and leaders who don't even remember the National Anthemn. On the occasion of Republic day, some of the press reporters had approached different leaders and asked them to sing..or atleast narrate the National Anthemn...and they trembelled like a school student who is scared of being punished by their teachers.This was telecasted in one of the TV channels (AAJ TAK) and I think it's the joke of the year.

I remember my dad recording my voice in my childhood when I sang the national anthemn...And I think i sang much better then these politicians. And I am sure every child of today would also feel the same.

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