Saturday, April 15, 2006

He MUST be lacking something to say ' I DON"T WANT DOWRY'- Is this true?

There is a new matrimonial site that has been started - .
I came to know about this from The Hindu daily.

This site is specifically meant for people ,who care only for having a good life with a good wife and damn care about dowry that she would get with her.

This is an excellent initiative to eradicate the dowry system from India.And good thing is that there are so many people who have already registered in this site:)

But that all???

I remember my long back discussion with some of my friends who were looking out for matches for themselves. And they belonged to families where huge dowries (called katnam in south india) are taken and given as a ritual.

One of them was looking out for a match for his sister as well.
So when I asked him what he thinks about dowry system , he said that he is basically against dowry system and plans not to take dowry. Good:)

And then at a later point i asked him what's happeneing at his sister's marriage front.
He said they have a match of a boy who is good...but they want to do a proper background check first as they are a bit supicious that there could be some problem.
I asked him why they think that way...
He said the boy's family is not taking any we have a doubt that they would be having something lacking or deficiant and hence might be sacrificing the dowry:)
Haha..What must i say about this thought process. If someone takes dowry then he is bad...and if he doesn't then something is wrong with him:)

So just starting a matromonial site is not enough, what matters is how much respect would society give the registrants of the site.

They deserve our respect and not an eye of suspicion!


Anonymous said...

You have a very good point but lost in your negativity towards the web site you mentioned.

I have never seen any movement that has started without participation from the young generation. I am very glad this new generation is taking the dowry issue into their own hands.

My personal opinion. The friend who thought bad about someone is not taking dowry is as bad as you who is putting down a novel idea to a practical problem in India today.


Anonymous said...

I must show this to my wife and ask her what did her parents think when I married her without dowry about 11 years back :-).

Anjana Ramamoorthy said...

Hi Sri

I think you have totally misunderstood my post or have not read it completely:)

What i have written here is not my idea that dowry seekers need to be suspected. It's existing problem in most of the casts and that's what i have expressed here.

I also completely believe and like the idea of a matrimonial websites started for the same, but what i am trying to say is every change has a resistance and in this case, human mindset itself is a resistor:)

I hope you got the point and next time please read things completely:)

Anonymous said...

Yes, there could be some members with doubtful virtues but for that sake whole lot should not be seen with unfounded apprehensions.This could happen on any matrimonial site and this noble site deserves respect and should not be seen in isolation just because it holds a
revolutionary name.The credentials,
bonafides and the antecedents of the selected match need to be verified in the way it should to clinch a right match for a happy matrimony.
The bold and well intended initiative to launch such a website is highly commendable and the HOST of the site and in particular the members, who have enrolled,deserve all encouragemet
and support to drive out the DOWRY GHOST but to what extent the site will effectively serve the desired purpose is a moot point,unless the members stand firm against the devil with active,unfliched,enthusiaticaly whole hearted support from their parentsin this worthy execise,as the source of the devil mainly rests with them only especially in the form of hidden female character.
Some say we don't want dowry but a decent marriage(Something hidden).
What is the price of that "Decent"?
Blood sucking price!

As regards mr Vaasu his parents -in-law must have thought only his parents great for having supported
Mr Vaasu's "I don't want dowry"
slogan.I only wish others emulate Mr Vaasu and his parents who stand tall
in this worthy cause.