Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Unmanaged Power Cuts By the Andhra Pradesh Government:(

Hyderabad is nearing peak Summer and also the children are nearing their peak final exams.
And summer also brings tough time for the aged people and infants, who are less resistant to the such weather conditions.

Amidst all this, to worsen the situation are the power cuts and low voltages during the night times:(

I wonder why our government lead by Y.S Rajsekhar reddy can't plan the power cuts as it was done earlier during the times of Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu.

I very clearly remember the kind of planning that used to be done for power cuts earlier! Simply superb!
During the exam time, there were no power cuts after 8.00 P.M as the children had to study at night. And power cuts used to be there only in the morning hours and that too in a very planned way. And it was informed to the people much in advance through News papers as which areas will have power cut and at what time.
This way even the power consumption was regulated and at the same time people also did not get affected much.

But now, it's not the same!Everyday after coming back from A/C office, it's like hell at home at night. Children (infants) in my neaighbours house usually spend their whole night crying. And for the aged people, nights bring nightmares.

Dear Mr Y.S Rajsekhar Reddy: I respect you and our government for lot of things Sir, but i would advice you (or anyone in politics for that matter) to accept certain good things done earlier and continue it, even if it's done by your opponent.

Now my UPS is also giving my alarms , so time to stop here...

Hope for better times:)

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