Friday, May 05, 2006

The Fear factor show on Sony...Sometimes Very Craaaaazy!

A new show by name 'Fear factor' has been started in Sony channel recently. This is a said to be a ditto copy of the english serial 'The fear factor' in one of the english channels.

The show is pretty good in lot of ways because the stunts performed by people are intersting but what I just HATE about this it makes people to keep crazy things in the mouth and sometimes eat as well.

This includes a big bowl of worms, ostrich eggs, any meat and so many more like this . Yuk Yuk:S:S

I find this sometimes indecent, sometimes unethical, sometimes hurting and all the times crazy.

I donno why Amala and Menaka Gandhi have not resisted this for using animal skin and animal remains for these silly and unnecessary purposes!

In one of the serials i saw a pure vegetarian struggling to take that goat meat in mouth, but still for those 10 Lakhs that they were giving him, he foolishly gave a try and then finally gave up saying ' I am a vegetarian so i can't'
And the host was still consistenly trying to persuade him to try it.
This was totally hurting. Shouldn't the serial be respecting people's basic habits atleast!

In today's serial they have asked people to drink a full mug of ostrich egg yolk. People struggled like anything and i don't think anyone could drink completely.

Fear factor guys claim that they ensure full protection of the particiapants. They can give this protection as long as it's external physical protection, but how can they ensure for internal physical protection. What if by eating all this the person's liver, intestines and their stomach fail? What if something happens to them after eating such weird things?

This is really crazy! Atleast i am finding it unnecesary and crazy.


Anonymous said...

Very odd!Dreaded even to imagine such act of stupidity.What Meneka Gandhi & Amala Akineni are doing?Perhaps they are also non-veg at home and enjoying such harmful&
repulsive act by gullible and crazy participants.It is not fear factor but a stupidity factor.The person who conducts is not a HOST but a GHOST,preying on the gullibles.

Amelia Rice said...

UGG! well thanks for making me remember the name of d show