Monday, May 15, 2006

Was it a Rang De Basanti Effect?

I had watched RDB few weeks back and i must say it's one of the best contemporary movies i have seen.It triggers some of sensitive corners of the heart and mind of today's generation.
And this movie is also proving that Hindi movies can have great impact on Indian citizens in good and in bad ways, both:)

After the release of this movie, people in Delhi have raised there voice against the Jessica Lal murder case exactly in the Rang De basanti style by lighting candle in front of India Gate:)

And seems while acting in this movie even the actors have got energized:). These days we see Aamir and the entire gang raising voice againt the national issues like Naramada case more strongly (though ignorantly)

These are all OK as long as people are picking up the good aspects of the movie and copying it.But...

But yesterday, the police had lathi charged the young doctors who were silently protesting for a cause:S
This lathi charge was also in the Rang De basanti style. Oh boy!:S:S

It's fine if people get influenced by a movie to do heroic acts, but people are following the movie even for villaneous acts:S That's sad

One of the channels had asked people's opinion on the Police behaviour , and few of them had stated that 'We were reminded of Jalianwala Bagh massacre by seeing the police beating the doctors'
Now commmmmmon guys, tell the truth. Were you reminded of Jalianwala bagh of 1919, or Jalianwala bagh of Rang de basanti;)
Atleast i was reminded of the Jalianwala Bagh of RDG only:), where the director compares the General Dyre of those Days and politicians of these days in the same weighing balance.
Oops, that doens't mean i am trying to say Arjun singh is like General Dyre;)

AAh..this movie has silently raised lot of stroms,and is really trying to the awaken the nation.And amidst all this look who is calmly and quietly doing his job: The director of the movie Rakesh Omprakash Mehra;)
He is now preparing silently for his next venture which he says is a comedy

Rakesh Mehar ji, if you continue like this you will become the Mahatma Gandhi of 21st century;) The only difference is he used his khadi rolls and you are using your film rolls. Just kidding:)
But then i think the director is following exactly what he has tried to ultimately convey in his movie
' Change the society, by being a part of the society, not outside it'. Else you would get killed like the RDB heroes'


Anonymous said...

Yes it's true. This movie has made a great impact. And the action of the police is unpardonable

Sudhakar said...

If people get responsibility as good citizens because of movies like RDB, we should welcome such movies and to be proud of bollywood. I love RDB's concept and screen play of a very sensitive but highly ignored problem in india.

Sudhakar said...

I am getting some more thoughts on this paint it safron conept..sharing with you..If we observe carefully, we would understand that even any sacrifice doesnt work for india. Remember mandal commision campaigns. 3 people burnt themelves (sacrificed) against that act. But what happend? People have forgotten that incidnt in 3 months and we are back to pseudo "bharat mahaan hein" state.

Santhosh said...

//Oops, that doens't mean i am trying to say Arjun singh is like General Dyre;)//

:)) is it?

With :))

Anonymous said...

Please dont belittle the movement by claiming it was inspired by RDB....the vanguard of the movement was led by responsible citizens, not by goons and despicable flirts like the band of boys in RDB who show an overnight transformation effect. From zero to hero.....its blasphemy to even compare giants like Bhagat Singh with the roadside romeos of RDB. Niether do we need firangis to remind us of our freedom heritage.
Finally, the movie was highly politically motivated. Or else, how can a defence minister be maligned for no good reason. No defence minister will call a professional pilot an amateur. It would be political suicide.

Think more with the head, and not the heart. RDB was crap!!!