Saturday, June 03, 2006

Who needs reservation and where?

It's almost 1 month that the reservation strikes have been going on, and still there is not enough steps taken by the Govt.

The Govt has proposed the increase of seats but i do not know how can this solve the root problem. Even if the seats are increased the percentage of reservation would still remain the same. So it means having same percent of dumb people in the class.

The Govt needs to ask the following question to itself before coming up with any of it stupid ideas.

Why the idea of reservation
For many years the downtrodden and backward class have been left behind and it's required to give them also a chance to come up in life. This is possible if we reserve a percent of seat for them and ensure that they utilize it.

Who needs reservation
It could be anyone who is down trodden, poor, person with less literacy in the family, women, physically handicapped and may be few more people who have been neglected by the society few years back.
So resevation is not necesariliy for Backward classes. It could be for anyone who is willing to come up in life but has some problem in the same.
There are many so called backward classes who are well to do now, so why should they be given reservation? And there are many forward classes as well, who are called forward just because of their caste but in reality are living a bad life.
So when deciding who needs reservations, the Govt should reconsider it's distinction on the basis of forward and backward caste. It should not be based on the caste, but should be based on the living conditions and poverty line.

Where we must have reservation
This is the most important question that's required to be answered. And this is the question that has given rise to this never ending strike against reservation.

In my personal opinion, NO Higher education or Govt offices must have any time of reservation.
Reservations must be there Only at School level (up to the class of 6th). And i would rather insist on increasing the seats in schools rather than increasing the seats in colleges and competiitve exams. Increasing the seats in schools and having the reservations as well, would help the backward classes to join the school and improve themselves. In this way we would do the right justice to the backward classes and help them come up in life and compete equally with the forward classes .
But once they have crossed the 6th class, i think there should be open competition among everyone, and no reservations.
Having reservations in competitve exams, colleges and offices will reduce the quality of people.
Just imagine a dumb doctor , who is a doctor just because he is a BC doing a major operation! What would be the fate of his patient:S

Where we must not have reservation
No reservation in high schools, colleges, competitve exams, Offices etc!.
No reservation at the cost of quality of people.

Read what the BCs have to say about reservation and how they feel about it. They are tortured and they also do not want reservations!,000600010004.htm

If we still have reservation at Higher educations, then how should it be
There are many reasons people give for having reservations at the higher education and offices.
They are
1. Many of the Backward class people do not come forward for higher education, because of monetory status or family constraints. So they need to be encouraged and resrvation is one good way
2. Many women do no come forward to work or go for higher education, again because of the Indian culture and traditions . And also because they need to take care of both family and office.
So reservations are treated as one way to encourage them to come forward.
3. Physically handicaped are not able to perform certain activities at the speed of their peers. Hence do not come forward for higher education with others.

In such cases, we can have reservation for them, but recruitement should again be merit based only! In these cases reservation should be more in terms of reducing their fees or giving them scholorship, giving them flexible working or flexible learning hours etc, and not by just selecting them blindly because of their caste,gender or disability.
Quality must always be the highest priority!


Anonymous said...

fantastic insight...

Anonymous said...

In this regard the Indian Constitution itself is highly defective which has come very handy to the crooked & cunning vote bank politicians,irrespective of their caste,creed,race etc, to manipulate,twist&turn every event to their own self interest leading to treachery and murder of democracy.Democracy in general sense is right to freedom & equality in every field for every one with no regard for caste or creed,religion or race etc.
What is the scientific definition or yard stick for rating upper class or lower class,forward class or backward class(BC)and the most recent invention OBC & creamy layer(Hope no milkys,silverys&waterys as of now) and i do not know how many more will follow suit to the detriment of the whole nation.
Reservation is not a necessity at all,when the governments and the our representatives in the helm of affairs have the grit and determination to lead us in the right path without any so called discrimination .If need be,there can be only two scientifically classified group,one the economically backward{EB)and the other economically forward(EF)and nothing more.The EBs must be helped
without affecting the right to equality and the right & intelectual EBs with the right motivation will surely utilise the opportunity to compete with others
with courage and confidence.
Framers our Indian Constitution
did commit a mistake with caste scheduling &reservations without forseeing the consequences later
which has led our nation now to an unending chaotic & dreadful status
while we are on the way to the 60th year of indepedance without any meaning.
Will the self styled politicians listen to set right things in the scientic way of uplifting the poor &economically backward without any room for reservations of any sort&
and safeguard equality inthe best interest of the nation?
Some one said "No gods,however supreme, dare question them.Who are we"

Anonymous said...

i am not a supporter of any sort of reservation but still , there are some points that needs to be answered

first.....who created caste system

secondly....Whether situations of down trodden improved in last 50 years, and why do we talk of just 50 years as social disparity is prevalent since two centuries,

Thirdly ... Why dont we see any low caste people on top posts ( whether in govt. or private ) as i am not going to agree that there are no competent people in the backward castes.

Fourthly .... I know this is basis of poor caste based politics , but still some thing has to be done , as thing have worsened on social front. In some part of country people from low caste cannot take marriage proceedings from high caste ppl's areas and if they dare to do that there are punishments.

Lastly i wud like to comment on u r plans of giving reservation in the primary education . AGREED , but i want to ask that who wud take care of that . Infact i was really impressed by the way medicos combined and had agitation against so called reservation, if YOUTH FOR EQUALITY is the motto , then thsi youth shud stand up and take care of down trodden ppl.
Coz I sincerely believe that only youth can make the difference.

Just question yourself , " Who was the first person who told u about low castes " , be true to yourself .

Anonymous said...

hi.though im neither pro nor anti reservation,i think wot ur talkin abt reflects only the urban areas.thats 30% of india.
And there cannot be a dumb doctor just because he's from a BC caste,coz we have 2 clear the same exam,so finally only the deservin pass.your thoughts on the above would be appreciated.

Anjana Ramamoorthy said...


Reservations are not restricted only to colleges. We have these reservations in every company also.
especially the Govt ones.
So a doctor passes with 40 % and another passes with 90%.
But both will be in the same hospital because the 40% guy would have been a reservation candidate.

This is what i meant by dumb doctors.

And when i said this i never meant that all BCs are dumb as stated by you. I am only talking abt those ineffictent people who get into the stream because of the quotas, irrespective of their are BCs are not.

Anonymous said...

When I was born,I did'nt know my caste.This is the case with everyone.I was told I would jump to anybody who would entice me with
anything that would make a child enticed and that was innocence of any caste or colour.I came to know my caste only when I entered a Govt primary school where the headmaster asked my father to mention the caste(mandatory)in the application.So the (Govt)school made an emphasis to know my caste compulsarily.Any so called democratic govt sould see that a true democracy prevails that ensures equality to all right persons without any social discrmination.No religion,no caste should play any role and scientificaly graded economic status only be considered in equal measure for all and meritorious persons will surely shine without nobody's sympathy irrespective of their economical status.In the present choas the merit will surely be forced to find its grave.

Anonymous said...

Jobs to the Govt Hospitals is been recruited generally by UPSC, and i think that u cant doubt UPSC's reputation, and this is strictly a misunderstanding that reserved candidates who get govt jobs are having less percentage of marks.........

Anjana Ramamoorthy said...

No There is no misunderstanding here.
It's a clear logic.

let's assume a company has reserved 20% to BCs. Then what happens is for the 80% of other casts, their is a tough competion and the govt raises the expectations.So the cream get selected their.
But when it comes to filling that 20%, again their is defenetly competion but with those people who could not get thru the normal cycle. Hence just to fill those 20% seats people are filled with minimum marks also.
This happens everywhere and not just with Doctors. Doctors and medical hospitals and just an example. For reservation candidates, the expectations are always kept low so that the reservation quota gets filled in.