Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Blogging getting more popular after the temporary ban

It was pretty quick that the Govt realised that banning blogs doesn't help and they have removed the ban.
But in these few days of ban, blogging has become much more popular than ever before.
The way the TV channels were repeatedly showing how people are protesting against the ban, and the number of blogs and bloggers growing year by year... raised the curiosity of all viewers as what these blogs are and why so much fuss about it.

There were many places ,including my company where i had been talking about blogging and about it's importance and all. But i did not find people showing real interest in knowing what it is.
But after this ban, so many have explicitely stopped my way and have asked me what blogging is all about.

So all for good! :)


Sudhakar said...

still some ISPs have not lifted the ban. Because govt can only issue order, they cannot revert back. Hathway is one of those ISPs.

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog. One nice side effect about approving submissions is that I am kept up to date about issues all over the world. It is interesting how when something is banned, people will desire it more. Human nature is funny. You always want something that you can't have.

Anonymous said...

hey nice blog spot. im not a blogger really...kind of lazy you know! way to go Anjana--keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

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