Friday, August 18, 2006

'Sashtyabdipoorti' of India

India has just entered the 60th year of Independence and next year we will be successfully completing the 60th the year.
In India, in many places people celebrate the completion of the 60th Birthday in a grand way. In south India it's usually called as 'Sashtyabdipoorti' , meaning completion of 60 yrs.

The reason for celebrating 60th Birthday in a grand way relates to the Indian calender that's followed. As per this calender there are 60 yrs with different names having unique characteristics. Each of the sixty years bring different ups and downs in a persons life as they have different characteristics. The names are like Prabhava, Vibhava...etc .
So once all the 60 yrs are completed, then again the cycle of the years restarts.

So a person who has completed 60 yrs of age is considered to be a very matured human being as he would have seen 60 different types of years, and would have experienced all the 60 different phases of life. So, to congratulate him on his successful completion of all the 60 different years this function called 'Sashtyabdipoorti' is celebrated in a grand way.

So this means India has also seen almost 60 different phases now and *supposed* to be a matured country.

Congratulations India!

But don't you think it's high time to move from being 'Developing country' to 'Developed Country' now. Or have we just got used to it!

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coolkrishnan said...


I did n't know that Sashtyabdipoorti is related to the 60 year clander that we follow.... This info gives me a more meaningful perspective of Sashtyabdipoorti.