Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bandh against Supreme Court---best Fools month act!

I have always read that Supreme Court is the supreme authority to take decisions, and no one can question the Supreme court. Ok..lets relax this statement and say we can question the supreme court also.But Protest against court?!?!..that too fully supported by Governement..this would be one of the most foolish thing to hear..that too in month of April!

The bandh today against the Supreme court decision on stay order for OBC reservation was fully supported by all parties.And probably this would be one of the few things jointly supported by all parties.
And the reason for this is very obvious... because it's by showing the number of reservation that any parties would be able to win their votes.
So it's most practical for them to first join hands with ech other and get the judiciary out of interfering so seriously into all this. And then later they can use there free hand in ditching each other and the people.

But i am sure this would have been a great shock to the political folks because they might have always felt that result will be in their favour. And that's why they never worked hard to prove their point even though Supreme Court has been asking them for all the latest data since long. But the Government acted very passively at that point of time, probably because they felt no supreme court can change this system even if they do not provide correct data.

And second shock to the Governement would be post-bandh because we Indians , i beleive have learnt to adjust to all this bandh's and still continue with the routine life:)
Today morning i was warmed by my dad that i don't go to office as there are no buses and trains..but i still gave a try like any other 'experienced' Indian. And what i find is life was more comfortable today than any other day! Every day i had to either wait for a crowded bus or take a costly auto which would charge me Rs 200 to go..and today what i got is a charted company bus whose driver is making the best advantage of the situation and dropping people at there destination(ofcourse with tip). And surprisingly this got me to spend less paise than I usually do:)

Oh i wish this strike continous for some more days;) Just kidding..but then it just means this strike was a big failure.

There is a nice going on this here

A excerpt from there...
"It spells doom for the future of the country. The kind of tussle that we witnessed during Indira Gandhi's time, between the judiciary and the Parliament, is going to be seen. Unfortunately, the small time players in the political arena,like DMK, PMK etc are having a big say on national matters. Their rabid social justice agenda is in fact creating a lot of heat in the social system."


Anonymous said...

it boils down to the Indian citizens, more particularly the educated denizens. I don't know why we are quiet?

Saibal said...

You are quite right. The Indian politicians are the ones who are bent in ruining this country of ours, by catering to cheap and divisive politics to nurture their vote banks. Every sane Indian knows:
Upliftment of the socially disadvantaged classes through reservation is utter crap--it did not happen in 57 years and it is not going to start happening now.
The whole idea of reservation today is based on the politician's perception of 'how to nurture and leverage your vote bank'.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.