Saturday, May 05, 2007

Few More Reasons for people quitting jobs

I was reading some of the mail forwards and came across Ajit Premjis speech on what can make people Quit. It said people usually leave there jobs because of there immediate boss and less because of reasons like salary etc. It also said that most of the times issues are trivial but mis-management by the company can make them resign.

I completely agree with this..but apart from this i was thinking can there be any more trivial (so called trivial) reasons which can make people quit.

Some of them could be like this...(the list is endless)

Flexible timings: "I can't wake up before 7", " I have to go to Gym everyday", "i have to take care of my child's homework in the evening", " I need to pickup my wife and go home"

People need to take up too many activities these days and are no more restricted to 9-7 job. So if the company's strict working hours are not giving them the flexibility to manage then people get frustrated.

Flexible timings is a must these days and i know of many who refuse to join a company unless it agrees for flexi timings.

Good Internet connectivity: "No Gmail, No yahoo. Life Sucks"
grrr..i would be the first one to quit if i don't have one.

Good Chairs and desks/ergonomics: "Aah This chair is so bad...2 more hrs to 6...1 more for 6, 30 Min's more...5 Min's..aah at last it's time to go home"
If ergonomics is bad people start counting time so that they can get rid of the uneasiness . Ergonomics is something that works subconsciously in people's mind though they try to adjust a lot to it. But physical discomfort slowly shadows the mental patience and it wins at last. It's very sad that HR's still do not think too much on this aspect.

Restrictions to usage of coffee/tea/smoking: Coffee and tea is still OK. but Smokers literally die. However it would be bad on my part to suggest encouraging of smoking. Probably companies should appoint counselors instead.
But usually coffee/tea/smoking are considered to be energy boosters and people feel they need it if they are under work pressure.

Restrictions to taking breaks between work-"Hmm i need to stretch. But will my boss feel bad if i go for a break again"
Many people fear there boss, when they feel the need for a break. But this slowly starts to irritate self and also changes his attitude towards his boss. It's very important that managers ensure that there subordinates don't work with unnecessary fear.

Restriction to talk on phones to near and dear: "My kid wants me to talk to him for few more mins, can't this silly 15 mins break be extended"
I know of a friend who has this reason and ONLY this reason to quit her call centre job.

I know of a colleague who updates his wife at least 6 times in a day....once as soon as he comes to office , once before going to lunch, and once after lunch , once whenever he meets his boss ,once when he starts for home and also once when he doesn't start for home.
Now if this guy is asked not to attend personal calls, he is sure to quit:)

Usually people shy away in expressing these reasons as they might sound a little unprofessional.
But then we all are human beings before being professionals.

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madhu said...

good one ... I resigned from my prev company for weird combination of all of the above...