Friday, August 03, 2007

Making them immortal...through online Memorials @ Registry of Life

Any day we open The Daily Newspapers in India, there are definitely two things that never get missed out.
One is about some crime or bomb blast that happened and other is about the obituary of some persons or the other.
The obituary space would have a nice young good looking photo of the person, even if he was very old when he died, and it would definitely have the names of all family members and friends with few wonderful lines on what they feel about the person.

We will find people doing this even years and years after the related person has expired
Now if you are a too practical person then probably you would think what's the point of having this obituary or 'In memory' gesture even after some 8-10 yrs of persons death, when we know there is nothing that's going to change. .....Well, there is no real answer to this.And all that we can say is the pleasure that you get in celebrating and remembering the lives of our loves one's is many times more valuable than the time and money that we spend on it!

Loosing someone near and dear is definitely the most painful thing and only time can erase that pain. But what's beautiful is that the 'time' only erases the pain, but never erases the beautiful memories of the person:) And many times we wish that there was some way that we could express our affection for the person and share it will all those like minded friends and relatively and jointly admire those few moments.

And that's why people build memorials, write books on memories, have an Ad in paper etc.
Similarly we also have 'Online memorials' , where we can share our feelings and life of the person with anyone we want over the web.
Registry of Life is a place where we can create online memorial of our near and dear who are probably no more on this earth, but are yet immortal for us and pay a tribute to them!

Now to talk about the site, first thing I would really appreciate is the concept!Excellent!

Technically speaking the site has a pretty decent User Interface, and it allows us to include photo albums, person's favorites, lifestyle pics of the person at different times etc.
And all this can be shared with our near and dear and people can pay tribute as well.

Now apart from the online memorials, the site also comes with many resources to help people in grief.
It comes with monthly Newsletter from Dr.Dees who answer to people's problem to help them to cope up with grief.
This is definitely a very nice place to have memorials. However i really wish no one really would require Dr.Dees, and there is no grief on earth!

Happy Living!

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