Monday, August 06, 2007

Website with Latest Supreme Court cases and judgements and central notification

I was checking my own blog and suddenly came across a google ad on the right side which read 'Indian Legal Database' -Latest supreme court judgements and central notifications'.

I think this is pretty cool. However i could find only 22 latest cases now. Though i can't understand lot of legal terms and meanings, i am sure this will be very useful for law students.

And seems like the main site also gives few analysis reports. Though i did not check in detail it flashed up two reports which i am sure will be interesting for all. One was "Handbook on Real Estate Investment-A legal perspective". it costs around Rs 50. But for anyone having interest in real estate think it makes sense to know about the law.

And seems like this company is also running an Essay writing contest for Indian lawyers. If you are a lawyer you can check here.
And if you are not a lawyer then don't even attempt, because the topics are all bouncers:)

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