Monday, August 27, 2007

Post Hyderabad Blast - Are the Security measures going in right direction

I was just getting few random thoughts on the bomb blasts that happened in hyd on Saturday from whatever i was observing around me and in the Television. Here are few and some more will come later.

Need for security-Never consistent
Today morning i was going to the office via the Hyderabad Central, a famous shopping mall in the city, and for the first time i have seen so many security guards actively doing there job. The place that was always filled with unauthorised Auto parking, today there was not a single vehicle that was allowed to park.

I was happy that there is some serious thing happening on the security front at least now...but all my feelings changed when i was returning back home at around 8.00 P.M. Things had come back to normalcy, autos were parked where ever they want. There was lethargic police gossiping with each other. And at some important places no security at all. And all this change in just few hours.

People Reaction: Are we strong Or thick skinned?
I have seen lots of people being interviewed on the TV about how they are feeling after the blasts. And people say 'we are scared but Hyderabadis are very strong and we will not allow it to affect our daily lives etc etc'. I have heard similar statements from people during Mumbai blasts also.

Well...i do understand that life never stops. However, it sounds very crapy to me if people say they can accept anything because they are strong.If a similar answer was given by a relative of a victims then i can agree that we are stronf.
But if we the unaffected are saying this it need not necessarily mean that we are strong. Probably It's just that we have got used to all this or are now no more ready to give time to ourselves to think about all this very seriously.

Because we the people are showing a thick skinned attitude, the Govt as well is thick skinned to this.

Police Security-Ignorant till yesterday, and suddenly Intelligent today ??
I have read in google news that till now police has defused around 15 bombs in Hyderabad. I do not know how much of this number is correct. However it's for sure that they were able to successfully diffuse many bombs saving the lives of many.

  • If this was so easy for them to diffuse so many bombs in just one day, how come they say they did not have any information about the previous blasts ?
  • Whatever bomb detectors they are using now why is that they have not used it on Friday itself, when they were getting several Hoax calls?

Are the police in other states sleeping?Is it really the 'South' in red alert?
I keep hearing in the news that "South in red alert". Now South covers lots of other states as well and not just A.P.

What are the other states in India doing to secure there places?

It's a little surpising to me that in Hyderabad they were able to difuse more than 15 bombs in 2 days and no one has so far found even a single bomb in other states.

Does this mean Police is other states is Sleeping? or does it mean that this statement that "South in red alert" is a randomly made statement just to add little spice to life?

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