Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I hate Britishers!. Why????

Today's is Jan 26th- India's Republic Day. Happened to talk to one of the 2nd class school girl after she was coming back from her school parade.
Thought of having some fun time with her by listening to her talks.So asked her what did u do in school...what's republic day..what's independence day etc etc. For all the questions she had only one answer- "Britishers snatched away our freedom and then we fought and got back our freedom"
Then she pauses and says " Didi (sis) teacher says britishers are very bad. They killed everyone...I hate Foreigers (For her all foreigners were Britishers).

This hatred was not born with the child...but was induced in her by repeatedly giving her a feeling that to be a true indian , we should hate britishers.

I would have been rather better if her teacher would have taught her " Indians did not have unity..and hence were conquered...and then we worked with unity and hence got independence".

It's more than than 55 years of Independence...and many still look at Britishers like villains.
They forget the main essense of all the lessons learnt during the war of independence...and instead still spend time in narating all those stories of violence.

Jesus said "Hate the Sin and not the Sinner"....... But humans are not ideal and hence we can hate the sinner also :) ...but for HOW LONG? :(

If British rule lead to blood's because of the same rule we have got a robust educational system in India. We talk of jargons like Globalisation, Liberalistion etc etc because of the system imparted to us by the British rule.

So it's high time people start thinking that everything has good and bad..and start realising the good and use it in better way.

There is a new movie Kisna that's got released. Not sure of the story...but I think it's one of the very few movies which has shown a lead lady as a Britishers..A new wave indeed.


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coolkrishnan said...

I disagree with your point that British rule was good for India.
It did many times more damage than good.

The general perception even among educated people is that India was never really a nation before British rule. This is a myth. There is a nice article by Sankrant Sanu that counters this idea:

We are yet to de-colonize our minds from British rule... even after 55 years :)

Anjana Ramamoorthy said...

It's never possible to decide what would have been if british rule wouldn't have been:) But it's easier to see what it is because of having British rule here. And i never say that British rule did all good to India. There is lot of good and bad as well. and neither do i say that India was nothing before the British rule.

But it's always easier to imagine or visualise things that did not happen and say 'if this would not have happen, i would have been there..'. But this is not what we should be doing. We should learn to look forward by taking the best.

'India was great and is great',is true but our problem is we do not go beyond this 'self praising' and look at certain other hard realities and try to correct it.