Friday, August 25, 2006

'Anything for a Pic' says The Journalist!!

I had been to a horticulture exhibition sometime back and i was taking some snaps of the flowers in the exhibition.In between i could catch a view of a honey bee or a wasp sitting on a Sunflower. I just wanted to capture that snap in my camera at any cost.And i went closer and closer to the flower.The honey bee was trying to move from one flower to other and i was also following it closely without even thinking that it can even sting me. I was so much focussed and adamant about getting that pic captured that i even forgot that it can even sting me if i go too close it it. I only realised it when my friend warned me and asked me to move away. does that mean for a pic someone can take crazy and silly risks as well!?!!

Probably this is what is happening with the journalists these days. They are going crazy to get some news captured in their vidoes. They have become so target oriented that , if they are not getting any new targets, they are creating it by themselves by using all nasty means.

The recent tragic and disguting incident is that of Manoj Mishra who died because of self emolation and it's said that some media persons have encouraged him to do that. This guy was protesting against his employer for not paying wages.And in the same context went ahead for self immolation and the jouranlists surrounding were just trying to make news out of it without trying even once to save him.

It's said that he never had any idea of self immolation earlier but was encouraged by some journalists to pretend to be doing it as that can help him to get his wages easily. He was given a false promise by the media folks that he only needs to pretend and they would definetly come and save him at the right time.That poor guy believed them only to realise during his fatal end, that all was done for a video.
No one who ever come to rescue him even after he was half burnt. And the journalists were only encouraging him to do it to capture the video and create some spicy story around it.

Shame on these journalists!

They are totally forgetting that they are human beings first, and journalists next. They seem not to be having any emotional attachment towards there people, country or sometimes themselves also.

There was a similar self immolation that happened during the last Anti-Reservation strike. An uneducated coblar or pan shop guy (don't remember) had tried to self immolate himself in the name of anti-reservation strikes. No one could understand why an uneducated guy would ever be worried about Reservations. This also seemed to be an act on either the political parties or one of these crazy journalists.

We keep hearing the news of journalists visiting all the Mafia, DOns, terrorists and keep reporting to us what Osama said, what Dawood said ..... I fail to understand why the police never interogates these journalists to get information about what happened there and how them meet these underworld guys and all.

Probably because it's been a culture since ages that you should never trouble or interrupt a reporter or a messenger. Else the entire mesaging system might get hampered. Fair enough! But then this demands that the reporters and journalists also behave properly and responsibly .Else i don't think they should be given these speacial status or special freedom.

People who have watched the telugu movie 'Pokiri', would have definetly loved Sayaji Shinde’s dialogues against the media and journalists. I think that movie became a hit mainly because of those dialogues :)

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coolkrishnan said...

Media is big business today.
CNN-IBN and NDTV are moving towards becoming entertainment channels :) With their masala-filled news programs, journalists trying to evoke emotions in the viewer's mind.

Times of India paper in Bangalore - Oh God ! I wonder why they still call it a newspaper. I stick to good old bland Hindu.

At another extreme, you have countries like China where press is owned by the state and no private journalism is allowed.

The Tamil channels Sun TV(DMK) and Jaya TV(ADMK) are notorious to broadcast the same news in opposite angles at the same time !