Saturday, August 04, 2007

Chris's Blog for Next Generation of Entrepreneurs & the Contest

The new generation business model (also referred by some as Business 2.0) and Entrepreneurship has become very different from what it had been few years back. With Web 2.0 business model and the popular Internet Assets like AdSense,Traffic calculators, blogs etc have opened up a completely a new set of business opportunities for Entrepreneurs.

Working from home and making money over the web has become a very professional way of running business and i know of many people who earn very well this way (sometimes more than what the legacy entrepreneurs do or even a full time employee earns).

Therefore more and more people have starting adopting the same. This means competition exists not just for companies into Automobile, Electronic or Banking business , but also to our web-entrepreneurs who run websites, blogs and portals.

Chris is one of the new generation entrepreneurs who builds business over the web. One of his first steps is his blog Chris Bloczynski dot Com .
In this blog he gives excellent tips and lessons on Entrepreneurship, especially over the web which are based on either his own experience or from the experience of his mentors. In his lessons of Entrepreneurship he emphasises on ownership, mentorship, attitude and automation. While many of these principles are common for all entrepreneurs irrespective of your business is through web or not, however i found many of his blogs which specifically are for web entrepreneurs. His blogs on branding and
'Branding on the web' are awesome!

Chris is also currently running a contest on his Blog
First prize - $50 cash, paypalled to your account.
Second prize - A copy of “The Four Hour Workweek” by author Tim Ferriss
Third Prize - A $15 iTunes gift card

Check here the details.

I think it's probably high time that even our MBA programmes programmes start including few lessons on successful business and branding over the web and go beyond the popular examples of McDonald's, Essar to few's, UTubes, Flickr services and many more...

But till them people like Chris are there for your help!:)

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wow! thanks so much. i am new to all this but very much eager to earn money on the internet.